About Us

Who We Are


The word "Avani" is derived from the Sanskrit word "earth."

Learning to love nature fosters a healthy respect for the environment and thus emerged AVANI, a family run enterprise, a collection of unique hospitality ventures which is the vision and dream of its directors M.Shashidhar, a civil engineer specialized in construction of industrial and institutional buildings, B.N.Sandhya, a garden enthusiast and daughters Shruthi, a Desinger Ceramic & Sitara, a Hotelier. The main entities associated with are ANGANA – The Courtyard , PANCHAVATI- The Pavilion & BEAVU – The Village .

The core values that underline Avani getaways are:

Luxury in simplicity
Eco Friendly practices
Revival of local culture and cuisine
Clean and green spaces
Creation of local employment

Every Avani destination is exclusive, not only in its location, but in its design, mood and guest experience. Each property is characterized by minimalist architecture that is designed to complement the retreats natural and cultural setting.


The mission of Avani is focused on offering travellers the opportunity to experience a complete journey in outstandingly beautiful spaces in a comfort where sincere luxury is determined in the quality and not the quantity.